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H I ST O RY Math is the science of number, quantity, and space. You'll find math everywhere — in finance, engineering, and even nature. It's used to build online networks, understand medical scans, forecast weather, map wildfires, control air traffic, and much more. "It allows you to explore the life experiences of our ancestors through texts, oral history, and artifacts. You're able to get perspectives and see how it has shaped and influenced our lives today." — Destiny Elcock Analyze and present data with integrity and confidence. With so much data from many different sources, it's hard to know who to trust. Does a certain pesticide cause cancer? Is the economy really up? Is that new medical treatment really effective? Statistics offers tools to answer these questions. UWINNIPEG.CA/IMPACT E D U C AT I O N W I T H I M PAC T When students choose The University of Winnipeg, they are setting themselves on a path to making an impact in their areas of passion and interest. Whether they want to change the world or nurture their own neighbourhood, students benefit from small class sizes where professors know their names. They also have the opportunity to tackle "real-world" research projects that make a positive difference in the community. As a result, UWinnipeg graduates emerge well prepared to impact the world around them. UWinnipeg is noted for academic excellence, Indigenous inclusion, environmental commitment, small class sizes, and campus diversity. STAT I ST I C S M AT H E M AT I C S

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