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C M Y K 2 WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2019 also a hub for industry innovation and research. Spiring points to highlights that include the new Skilled Trades and Technology Centre at Red River College. "It's an incredible facility that's filling manufacturing job pipelines and we're really proud of that," she said. "And Price Industries has one of the best research and development centres in the world. That research centre is best in class, and the world is learning from what's happening in Winnipeg." Looking ahead, Spiring is optimistic that the National Research Council's advanced manufacturing program will build a Factory of the Future in Winnipeg. "It's a 60,000-square-foot building and a $60-million investment," she said. "The federal government has promised that, and we're trying to shape what it looks like. We want to make sure that this facility serves the needs of our advanced manufacturing industry." As momentum continues to build, Manitoba's manufacturing industry is poised to flourish. "It's the biggest sector of our economy and we're world leaders in manufacturing in so many areas," Spiring said. "It's integral to what we're able to achieve in the province." ❙ C M Y K CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS Clockwise from top: New Flyer is a leader in Manitoba's manufacturing sector; MITT offers a Graphic and Print Technician program; Precision ADM co-founder and CEO Martin Petrak provides a tour to investment officers from Global Affairs Canada.

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