Meet the Builders

April 2019

The Manitoba Home Builders' Association is celebrating 75 years.

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WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2019 MEET THE BUILDERS 3 NORTHWEST 1. Amber Gates 2. Amber Trails 3. Aurora at North Point 4. HEADINGLEY – Blumberg Trail 5. HEADINGLEY – McGrath Meadows 6. HEADINGLEY – Taylor Farm 7. STONEWALL – Quarry Ridge Park 8. The Oaks – Country Estates 9. WEST ST. PAUL 10. WEST ST. PAUL – The Trails of West St. Paul NORTHEAST 11. Bloom & Timber Condominiums 12. Canterbury Park 13. Devonshire Park 14. Devonshire Village 15. Starlite Village SOUTHEAST 16. Bonavista 17. NIVERVILLE – Fifth Ave Estates 18. NIVERVILLE – The Highlands 19. River Park South 20. Sage Creek SOUTHWEST 21. BRANDON – Bellafield 22. BRANDON – Summit 23. Bridgwater Centre 24. Bridgwater Trails 25. Charleswood 26. LA SALLE – Bridgeman Estates 27. LA SALLE – Prairie View Lakes 28. Oak Bluff West 29. Prairie Pointe 30. RidgeWood West 31. South Osborne 32. South Pointe 33. ST. ADOLPHE – Tourond Creek 34. Tuxedo PRESENTED BY THE MANITOBA HOME BUILDERS' ASSOCIATION NORTHWEST NORTHEAST SOUTHEAST SOUTHWEST DOWN TOWN 7 10 2 6 12 13 11 8 9 1 14 15 17 5 4 16 25 22 23 26 27 24 28 30 31 32 33 34 29 3 19 20 21 18 Brandon – 214 km W Headingley – 21 km W La Salle – 31 km S Niverville – 45 km S St. Adolphe – 29.5 km S Stonewall – 36 km N West St. Paul – 19 km N (Distances are estimated from city centre) COME VISIT OUR SHOWHOMES CONTACT BUILDERS FOR HOURS The Manitoba Home Builders' Association's Parade of Homes continues to be our industry's largest showcase, highlighting the incredible show homes of the MHBA's home building members and allowing new home buyers a unique chance to see the latest in new home options and the newest trends in home style and design. While the MHBA's Parade of Homes receives a lot attention while they are in full swing, it's important to remember that the show homes featured in the Parade are open year-round. Even though the 2019 Spring Parade of Homes has concluded, the amazing array of Parade Show Homes featured during the Parade continue to be open for your viewing pleasure. In fact, the spring and summer months provide a great opportunity for new home buyers to visit show homes in between the Spring and Fall Parades. Traffic will be a little lighter and parking a little easier to find at show homes during this time of year. Visiting during the summer months also allows you to see many of the home features, like the air conditioning, in full operation. So where can you find out information on show home locations and hours? You can visit the MHBA website at and click on the "Parade of Homes" tab. There you can find all of the Parade of Home show homes with contact information to set up a private viewing. As well, you can find a digital version of the most recent Parade magazine. Pick out your Parade favourites and contact the builder to find out about show home hours or to set up a private appointment. Our Doors Are Always Open Show homes featured in the MHBA Parade of Homes are open for business year-round for your viewing and visiting pleasure. The spring and summer months are a great time to visit these show homes to see what's new in home design. Our members look forward to your visit!

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