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T his unprecedented formation and unity means good news not only for those involved in the promotion of safety, but also for members who rely on their safety organizations to provide them with guidance, training, SAFE Work and CORâ„¢ Certification. Individually, each of the five safety orga- nizations provide their member-base an avenue to access safety expertise that is rel- evant within their business. Access to rel- evant safety expertise is important because the hazards an industry can encounter in construction will vary greatly from the haz- ards that appear in the sales and service sec- tor. And although each IBSP program spe- cifically caters to the unique needs of their membership base, it became apparent that by working together they would collectively be able to better service their members and as a result, drive prevention in the province. "The IBSP Council has been established with the purpose of collaboratively advanc- ing prevention initiatives in Manitoba," said Chair of the IBSP Council Neal Curry. "Individually and collectively our mission is to provide industry-specific training, ser- vices and education within our industries. This in turn supports workplace injury pre- vention and safe return to work initiatives for all of our members." Winston Maharaj, President and CEO, Work- ers' Compensation Board of Manitoba adds: "This new council of IBSPs supports the development and evolution of safety and health programming in the province by providing a common voice of their repre- sentative employer groups. The service that IBSPs provide to employers in their indus- tries is a critical component of the strategy to reduce workplace injury and illness in the province. The WCB fully welcomes the formation of this collaborative initiative. An industry led, industry funded and industry driven IBSP Council will undoubtedly prove to advance achievements in Workplace Injury Prevention and Return to Work objectives in our province." Manitoba's industry-based safety programs provide a variety of education, training, consulting and resources. Each is equipped with a team of safety professionals that can assist your business in creating a safety program that is tailored specifically to fit your needs. A S U P P L E M E N T T O T H E W I N N I P E G F R E E P R E S S | V I E W O N L I N E AT w i n n i p e g f r e e p r e s s . c o m / p u b l i c a t i o n s Wednesday, May 8, 2019 Preventing loss, protecting people since 1964 204.949.1085 OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY TRAINING & CONSULTING Preventing loss, protecting people since 1964 204.949.1085 OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY TRAINING & CONSULTING Preventing loss, protecting people since 204.949.1085 OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY TRAINING & CONSULTING Preventing Loss Protecting People Since 1964 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON YOUR INDUSTRY BASED SAFETY PROGRAM, PLEASE VISIT: Construction Safety Association of Manitoba: Made Safe: Manitoba Heavy Construction Association WORKSAFELY: RPM Trucking Industry Safety: S2 Safety Sales and Service Safety Association: INDUSTRY BASED SAFETY PROGRAM COUNCIL WORKS TO STRENGTHEN SAFETY CULTURE IN MANITOBA A UNITED VOICE IN SAFETY In early December 2018, five of Manitoba's Industry Based Safety Programs (IBSPs) in the areas of sales and services, trucking, construction, manufacturing, and heavy construction, along with their host organizations announced the formation of the IBSP Council. WHAT DID YOUR WORKPLACE DO FOR NAOSH 2019? Visit to learn more and apply for this year's NAOSH AWARDS (Submissions open May 13-June 14)

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