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April 2020

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WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 2020 6 LABOUR WORKS The Union That Built Manitoba - The IAM Fighting for workers, their rights, justice and dignity is what the IAM has stood for, for 120 years, it drives everything we do. From aerospace, aviation, manufacturing, transportation, municipalities, healthcare, the public sector, no fight is too big and no issue is too small. The IAM has withstood the test of time. We are part of Manitoba's history; we were there for the Winnipeg General Strike, when workers fell on hard times in the Great Depression, and whenever workers needed a union that fights; few unions can lay claim to this history. We are a union that adapts, and perseveres. We protect workers on the job and work to make communities stronger. Be a part of our history and our fight for a better future. For more information, contact us: 204-979-1665

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