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Oct 2020

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his feature has been simmering for a while now. In a world, and a year, when there has been plenty of change and even more unknowns, making and eating food, and gathering around a table has become a levelling agent. This feature rose from a yearning to support our local culinary scene. Winnipeg has long been known for its many fantastic restaurants and stellar cuisiniers. I had hoped when we dreamt this idea up that we would see a wide spectrum of foodies come together to celebrate prairie farmers and growers. I wanted to see a collaboration of cooks and chefs; tip my hat to tasters, the inventors and the entrepreneurs who were bold enough to take a chance. As is the case with WOW Hospitality, a prominent restaurant group in our city; one that has been reinventing itself for decades, evolving in tandem with the tastebuds of anyone on the food scene. I wanted to place a napkin on my lap and for a few minutes, forget about everything else but local flavours. Living in a restricted time, we welcome and are especially grateful to those who have chosen to sit at this table; the many partners who've collaborated with us on this project. Skip the Dishes is one such who will take you on a Skip Around the World culinary-style without having to board a plane. As I alluded to earlier, as you all know, when concern becomes normal, when we are not able to act as freely as we once did, when gatherings have restrictions is when we turn to food to be our continuum, the comfort we seek. In fact, I'd argue, one piece of cake can take you back to your childhood instantly. Why, just the sight of a matrimonial square and I am ten years old, standing at my granny's side, waiting for her to pass me a plate. One bite of an Indian dish and I am longing for adventure. A hefty helping of pasta or a slice of warm pizza and I feel at ease. In the days that led up to today, we've tasted chutneys and chicken dishes, veered into vegan cuisine, and paired wines and craft beers with burgers and wraps. We've gathered in boardrooms, six feet apart and smiled at every chance we had to come together. Food knits people and circumstances. It's been the metronome of this pandemic; for many, the next best thing. It is a reminder that at the end of the day that we are so similar in that we long for connection to feel safe and secure. For me personally, this new product has been a labour of love. I am constantly seeking kitchen inspiration. I aspire to make as much as I feasibly can for two growing boys - from scratch. It has been a thrill to pick up my office line and listen to a reader share their excitement about Local Flavour. To take a call from a long-time friend, an advertiser who is all in. For when the days at the office are long or the news hard on the heart, when I retreat home to where there are smiling faces, burning candles and dinner on its way, I feel prepared to keep going. Because regardless of whether we win or lose, the daily cases count, or the decision made by world leaders, I can control how we feel when my tiny pod, my inner circle gathers around a table to dine. May you enjoy this supplement. May you support local business. May you don a mask and make your way to one of our favourite shops - d. a. Niels perhaps - to stock up on supplies. They have a collection of kitchenware that makes everything from chopping to clinking cocktail glasses better. May you find yourself grateful for local producers. May you savour each page. LOCAL FLAVOUR Winter 2020 A M A N I T O B A F O O D I E ' S G U I D E T O D E L I C I O U S D I S H E S T FOODIES UNITE! BY BRANDI JOHNSON WE ASKED A BOTHWELL EXPERT TO CHOOSE A 'DESERT ISLAND CHEESE'... THIS SEASON'S HOTTEST FOODIE FAVES FROM SOME FAVOURITE LOCAL HAUNTS pro tips "As for a cheese that I cannot go without (easier said than done BTW!), I would have to choose our Bothwell 548 Non-GMO White Cheddar. I am a big fan of older cheeses, the sharper the be er in my opinion! Revered by seasoned cheese fans, this premium cheddar is aged for a minimum of 548 days (where it gets its name), giving it a sharp, creamy, nu y flavour, with a distinctively bold aftertaste. Our Bothwell 548 recently took home the Silver Medal, in the 1 to 2 year old cheese category, in March of this year at the prestigious World Championship Cheese Contest (which is essentially the Olympics of cheese-making), held every two years in Madison, Wisconsin. Not too shabby for a li le cheese maker in the heart of the Canadian Prairies!" Jean-Marc Champagne, Fromagerie Bothwell Pairings & Suggestions: As with most cheeses, serve at room temperature. This extra old cheddar has a sharp flavour that goes well with chilled Riesling, Rioja, or Cabernet Sauvignon. It also pairs well with any strong ale or a crisp hard cider. Life can be complicated, dessert doesn't have to be. An easy option that is sure to impress your tribe is a box of gourmet doughnuts. Why not preorder a mixed dozen from Oh Doughnuts, and quarter and sample as many as you wish (or until they're gone!)? The delight of Oh Doughnuts is that they not only offer decadent grown up flavours like lemon lavender and pumpkin spice, but they also bake up fresh savoury selections such as the everything bagel. Best of all, they will happily take you down memory lane with a wildberry pop tart or a Dunkaroo doughnut. This fun way to indulge and reminisce, to analyze sweet to salty, fruit to filled ratios can stretch out the night. Dough not forget to pre-order! OH! DID SOMEONE SAY DOUGHNUT TASTING? COUNT US IN. BUILD A BETTER BEVERAGE WITH NEXT-LEVEL COCKTAIL ENHANCERS A supplement to the Winnipeg Free Press. View online at winnipegfreepress.com/publications For advertising information, call: 204-697-7332 When it comes to happy hour, highballs are so last year. The responsible folks at Abiding Citizen Craft Beverage Company believe every drink should taste delicious. Aspiring mixologists know a cocktail made with shrubs, simple syrups or infused with bi ers, can take a Seven and Seven to a 10 (and if you're not sure what that is, Google it; you won't be sorry). These enhancements make even your average spirit feel special. "There is no sincerer love than the love of food." -George Bernard Shaw. In these tough times, there is no shame in sharing a swanky bo le of red and a perfect plate of pasta with your beloved bubble. Stay strong, Manitoba! We love you.

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