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13 Drive your career forward. 20-071-2366_2021 Top Man. Empl._Free Press_1.indd 1 10/22/20 11:54 AM Most Manitobans, it's safe to say, are MPI customers. And the organization is determined to improve the experience of those customers and better meet their auto insurance, vehicle registration and driver licensing needs. "We're shifting our culture to become more customer-centric. Improving the customer experience is a perfect fit with our corporate values: to do what's right, to invest in people, to provide value, and to strive for excellence," says Satvir Jatana, MPI Vice-President, Employee and Community Engagement and Chief Human Resources Officer. To this end, MPI is currently undertak- ing the biggest digital transformation in its history, which involves replacing outdated systems with the goal of streamlining pro- cesses, improving customer convenience and increasing online service options. To complement this long-term transfor- mation, MPI is also undertaking a deep look at the overall experience of custom- ers. This has led to a collaborative effort to increase the customer focus across the MPI brand and culture. The effort is summed up in a simple internal mantra: Do better. Together. For customers. The customer experience initiative is based on a recognition that every single interaction a customer has with MPI influences their perception of the corporation — so a great customer experience creates a positive perception and an understanding of the value that MPI provides. A key internal component of this effort is a year-long anthology series, called The Twelve Stories of Customer Experience. Each month, a new story is unveiled to staff, examining a common interaction from the customer's point of view. Topics range from customers who need to book a driving test to customers who have been severely injured in a collision and need help accessing rehabilitation resources. "The series also serves to highlight what an incredibly diverse range of services and employment opportunities we offer," Jatana says. No matter the topic, the customer is always the hero of the story, and staff are the trusted guide who help the hero succeed. Stories are told through a multimedia approach that features an animated video from the customer's point of view. The videos are created entirely in-house, using a collaborative approach that includes staff from the featured business area, as well as from design, research and communication departments. The animations are backed up with a host of supplemental materials that examine the interaction and dive into research and metrics around the topic and offer suggested service improvements. The end goal is to benefit customers, but Jatana points out that it is the employee experience that is helping MPI achieve its customer experience goals. "They are two sides of the same coin. The way we care for our people is the way they will care for our customers and each other," Jatana says. One of the many reasons MPI is returning as a Manitoba Top Employer is that all employees are provided the tools and resources they need to succeed. MPI is a large company offering a wide range of career opportunities, including roles in frontline service, claims, IT, finance and much more. In addition to ongoing efforts like The Twelve Stories, training opportunities abound at all levels and there is continuous development of leadership potential. In addition to abundant opportunities and encouragement for growth, employees receive competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a clear focus on wellness and work/life balance. The majority of employee roles are based in Winnipeg, but opportunities are available at locations across the province, from Brandon to Steinbach to Thompson and many points between. MPI believes in agility — flexible work options have been enhanced during the ongoing pandemic to ensure both operational continuity and employee safety. MPI leapt into action last spring to enable most staff to work from home and to continually ensure measures are in place for the safety of frontline staff who assist customers in-person. "We are committed to investing in people," Jatana says. "When we provide for our employees, they are equipped to provide for our customers and enhance the customer experience." For more information, visit MANITOBA PUBLIC INSURANCE ENHANCING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Manitoba Public Insurance has been part of the community for almost 50 years. During that time, the public auto insurer has grown with our province, to the point that there are now about 1.2 million Autopac policies in force at any given time.

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