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10 FUSION CREDIT UNION OF THE COMMUNITY, FOR THE COMMUNITY Fusion Credit Union continues to build success on a founda- tion of three basic, enduring principles — strength of char- acter, strength of commerce and strength of community. A full-service financial institution with a staff of 190, Fusion serves more than 32,000 members through 18 branches across communities in Parkland and southwestern Manitoba. Administering assets of more than $1.06 billion, Fusion has the capacity, the shared commitment and the opportunity to support growth and prosperity, locally and beyond. "We are very proud of our community roots," says Fusion CEO Darwin Johns. "We have great people who serve great people." Creating the kind of organization that attracts and retains such great people remains a priority that is already paying dividends as Fusion has, for the second year in a row, earned its place on the 2021 list of Manitoba's Top Employers. "We position ourselves as a top employer by the benefits we offer, and by cultivating a fun, team-oriented, collaborative work environment," says Johns. "We often attract new employees who feel aligned with our values and the good work we do in our communities." Fusion employees receive competitive salaries and a full range of company benefits, including in-branch wellness spaces, an education funding program and other professional development opportunities. The credit union fosters innovation by encouraging staff to develop creative ideas about how the organization can further strengthen its commitment to service excellence. Johns says Fusion recognizes the increasing role of technology and digital innovations in supporting the banking needs of members, as well as the business needs of its work teams. "At Fusion, we have numerous business practices in place that enable virtual communication and collaboration across our many branches," he says. "For several years, we have been using online meetings as a means of engaging with one another across our organization. When we started to experience the full impact of COVID-19 earlier this year, we were well-positioned to share information throughout our branches and communities in a very seamless manner." "We are focussed on every aspect of the employee experience and continually strive to offer the best possible environment for our teams," says Johns. "We are doing innovative things and we invite people across the organization to participate." The spirit of participation also transcends the workplace as Fusion has taken steps to solidify its role as a pillar of the community. In 2019, the credit union established its Full Circle Fund to provide support to worthy projects that enhance the quality of life for people of all ages in the communities Fusion serves. The fund has supported community initiatives such as youth activities and legacy projects, not only monetarily, but also through the volunteerism of Fusion employees. Fusion's community spirit has not been dampened by the challenges of the global pandemic as it continues to address the needs of its communities. "We are focused on our members and communities, and we have several ongoing initiatives that generate opportunity for local growth and development," says Johns. "Earlier this year, we announced total patronage returns to our members of over $2.2 million. We've paid patronage returns to our members every year for the past 20 years. "In a time when so many people are facing uncertainty, the cash payouts are a timely support to our members who have helped Fusion to flourish over the years." Johns says Fusion also stepped up to support local businesses struggling through these uniquely trying times. Through its Invest for Good campaign, the credit union purchased $18,100 worth of gift cards from 79 small businesses in their communities. Through ongoing dedication to its vision, mission and values, Fusion has created an organization that brings out the best in its employees, as well as the communities where they live, work and play. "We have always believed that our members deserve the very best, and so do our Fusion team members who serve as our ambassadors to our valued communities," says Johns. "Great people drive great results." For more information about career opportunities with Fusion Credit Union, visit FUSION CREDIT UNION PHOTO FUSION CREDIT UNION STAFF TAKE PART IN JEANS DAY FOR CHARITY.

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