Your Guide to Investors Group Field

June 2013

A guide to the new home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Investors Group Field

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GET READY TO PLAY CHALK TALK 27 BLUE BOMBER FOOTBALL FACILITIES CROWN JEWEL OF CFL Not many Blue Bomber fans will get a close-up look at the football operations side of things when they visit Investors Group Field, but the state-of-the-art training, rehabilitation and medical facilities will all play a huge role in the team's success for years to come. In describing the locker rooms, coaches' offices, audio-visual facilities and conference areas, general manager/vice-president of football operations, Joe Mack said the Blue and Gold are now working out of the best facility in the Canadian Football League. "There really is no comparison in terms of what our organization has to work with now," Mack said. "Investors Group Field is a world-class building with facilities that are just as good as they can be. Not only are we thrilled to be here but I have to say that our new stadium is the crown jewel of our league." With such high praise for the club's new home, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Mack has trouble picking one feature that stands out from the rest. "It would be very difficult to pinpoint one particular thing," he said, " because every amenity is a huge improvement designed to enhance our competitiveness." Continued on page 28 'INVESTORS GROUP FIELD IS A WORLD-CLASS BUILDING WITH FACILITIES THAT ARE JUST AS GOOD AS THEY CAN BE.'

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