Your Guide to Investors Group Field

June 2013

A guide to the new home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Investors Group Field

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GET READY TO PLAY 37 EXPANDED FLIGHT CREW READY FOR TAKE-OFF WHEN YOU ENTER INVESTORS GROUP FIELD THIS INAUGURAL SEASON, take the time to thank the Flight Crew volunteer nearest you – not just for their enthusiastic assistance but for being part of a volunteer program that is one-of-kind in the CFL. 'ON GAME DAY WHEN OUR VOLUNTEERS GREET YOU WITH THEIR A-GAME SMILE, MAKE SURE TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION WITH A BIG SMILE RIGHT BACK.' "Our volunteer program is completely unique," said Kelly Seifert, volunteer co-ordinator and facility administrator for the Winnipeg Football Club, "which says a lot about the dedication and loyalty of Blue Bomber fans." Known as the Flight Crew, the volunteer program started almost by accident. "We were getting so many people asking to help," Seifert said. "It has really taken on a life of its own." The Flight Crew began with a core group of 30 volunteers but soon expanded to over 100. With the move to the new stadium, it has grown from 180 to 220 volunteers who will help make game day run smoothly as ticket scanners, parking attendants, ushers and more. "Enthusiasm is big with us as our volunteers are the Bombers' No. 1 fans," Seifert said. "They are so excited and pumped for the doors of Investors Group Field to open." The new stadium is not just fan-friendly, it is volunteer-friendly, too, explained Seifert. "It's much more accessible for our volunteers as they can see the field and big screens from where they're standing. It's just excellent in so many ways." Flight Crew volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of five games, one stadium event and one community event. Half of the volunteers are so dedicated that they commit to work all 10 home games. With a growing reputation for lending a volunteer hand, they have already been requested for 15 different community events. The Winnipeg Football Club offers an incentive program to its volunteers that includes meeting players and alumni, receiving goodies throughout the season, including treats from Tim Hortons, game day tickets, a discount at the Bomber Store and an appreciation night in their honour which features various prizes and awards. "Our volunteers are so dedicated and enthusiastic that I can't say enough good things about them," said Seifert. "The more assistance they give us, the more we like to give back to them." On game day, Seifert has a request for fans. "When our volunteers greet you with their A-game smiles, make sure to show your appreciation with a big smile right back."

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