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A S U P P L E M E N T T O T H E W I N N I P E G F R E E P R E S S 1 PROVINCIAL ENGINEERING & GEOSCIENCE MONTH View online at For advertising information, call 204-697-7122 SPECIAL SECTION BY LISA STEPNUK, EIT One of the ways that girls are turned away from engineering and geoscience is by not seeing themselves reflected in the professionals who are visible to them to them. Manitoba women are doing meaningful work in these fields everyday. T he Girl Power campaign highlights women at various stages along the pathway who are making a difference as engineers and geoscientists. It follows a student, an intern, a professional engineer, and a professional geoscientist (it shows a broad range of these disciplines). Alicia Hill and Atlanta Geleta are two of the four women featured in the campaign. Hill is a graduate of the Engineering Access Program (ENGAP) at the University of Manitoba. She uses her degree to improve the quality of life of children. Here is her story: "Flashback to eight-year-old me, watching the two women in my life work as health care aides care for adults with disabilities. My mom and my grandma taught me compassion and empathy, while working to improve the quality of life of their patients. My dad, on the other hand, taught me how fun math and science were! They helped create who I am today: An Indigenous woman of science, wanting to use her knowledge and degree in engineering to help improve the quality of life for everyone. While working on my capstone design project in my final year of university in the Prosthetics and Orthotics department at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, I realized that I could use my degree to help children. I worked hard to secure my current position as an orthotics technician. It's cool to get to fabricate orthotic devices for kids every day! Engineering has allowed me to have many different work experiences, which have provided me with a varied skill set." Geleta recently graduated from the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. While a student, she led a team of other students to design, build, and race an electric car at an international competition. "My passion is to help others and create technological (clean energy) solutions that improve the communities we live in. This is what drove me to pursue a career path in mechanical engineering. I strive to build a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future by applying my product design, testing, and project management skills developed through co-op placements, the Formula SAE race team, and academia." Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's Girl Power campaign is designed to inspire girls to consider their futures in engineering and geoscience, inform them of the pre-requisites needed, and help link the importance and possibilities tied to their high school curriculum. Girls want to make the world better. Girls want to be inspired. Girls want good careers. Make sure they know that engineering and geoscience offer many ways to do that. Show them some of the Manitoba women who are making it happen. Girl LIKE ME She Used to be a THE GIRL POWER CAMPAIGN: Learn more about the Girl Power campaign at MARCH 2021 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2021

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