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C M Y K 2 WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, SATURDAY MARCH 27, 2021 SPECIAL SECTION Manitoba GROWTH In fact, that's the theme of a new pilot course that Sellers will be teaching this summer, called "Assessing Agricultural Technologies for Farm Management Deci- sion Making." "The new summer ag tech course is designed to give our students the chance to connect with leading agri- cultural tech companies to implement and evaluate the uses of this modern data collection capability and digital analysis platforms on their own farms," he said. "Modern equipment has been capable of collecting data for years, but the economic and environmental implications of how producers can use their collected data is what's driving the current transformation of new agricultural technologies and practices. It's critical for producers to be involved in these technological develop - ments in order to manage their operations sustainably now and for future generations of farmers to come." Looking ahead, Sellers sees a bright future as the in- dustry continues to implement technology to minimize inefficiencies and reduce waste. "Through a combination of mechanical, robotic and digital tools and platforms," he said, "I'm confident that we can come together as an industry and develop a sys - tem that supports its people and maintains its natural resources effectively." And for students with an affinity for technology, they might discover a satisfying and successful career stem- ming from agriculture. "Agriculture is a vast and meaningful industry that is always welcoming of bright students with curious minds and new ideas," Sellers said. "There will always be a necessity for innovation and experimentation, so if you're keen to learn about im - pressive technologies with beneficial applications, agri- culture can be an extremely rewarding field of study and work. There is inspiring work being done on all scales and in all areas within the sector with only an increasing demand for novel contribution." In addition to the two-year Diploma in Agriculture program, the University of Manitoba also offers five op - tions for degrees through the same faculty. These de- gree programs typically span four years and range from agribusiness, agroecology, agriculture, food science, and human nutritional sciences. More information about all these programs is avail- able at programs-study. Find resources and training at Let's keep moving forward. Together. "Each step within this process requires pre- cise decision making and implementation in order to provide the world with nutritious food. Technological tools, both tangible and digital, allow pri- mary producers and the entirety of the industry to accomplish this goal of supporting a growing population." - Easton Sellers P H OTO BY K R I STA H A N I S - G E RVA I S ยป CONTINUED FROM P1

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