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Nov 2021

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Saturday, November 6, 2021 2 LOCAL FLAVOUR A MANITOBA FOODIE'S GUIDE TO DELICIOUS DISHES v getcheekyfoods.com getcheekyfoods Go to getcheekyfoods.com to order your chutney and masalas cheeky masalas n butter chicken n vindaloo curry n indian coconut curry n tikka masala n chana masala cheeky chutney n mango chutney n tamarind chutney cheeky package n All 5 masalas + 2 chutneys. Contains all the essentials you need to get started $40 $25 $20 Enjoy a homemade curry with a side of mango chutney. Our specialty blends help you make a Curry in 5 minutes, just add a few fresh ingredients and its' ready. We are the only company in Manitoba that makes fresh mango and tamarind chutney. Give ours a try today! CHEEKY OFFERS When it comes to unique, delicious and thoughtful gifts, we've got you covered this holiday season! Shop our carefully selected gift packs in-store or online. Curbside pickup and $5 delivery available. frescolio.ca The best gifts are local 2-929 Corydon Avenue 5-1604 St. Mary's Road 1-1530 Regent Avenue W. On a quest to reinvent ways to celebrate special occasions, folks flocked to the local sweet shop to find new ways to mark the moment. DELECTABLE DESSERTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 On a quest to reinvent ways to celebrate special occasions, folks flocked to the local sweet shop to find new ways to mark the moment. "Because people couldn't have big gatherings, our specialized birthday cakes went through the roof. On average, we used to only make one or two every couple weeks, whereas right now we do 12 to 14 a week," says Poon, noting that DIY cookie-decorating kits are also a popular pick for festivities. "Families want to make birthdays a little bit more special, especially for little kids who have now missed almost two years of birthday parties. They're not spending money on the venues or the favours, so they're putting it into cakes while supporting local." Sweet C Bakery's glamorous gourmet cupcakes remain another a must-taste treat. "We've really ramped up our flavours, our designs, overall everything about them. When people come in, they get really surprised at how decadent they are. We're always creating new flavours and a new experience. I love making it look beautiful but it's also delicious, made from scratch," Poon says. "For major holidays, we create a full set of alcohol-infused cupcakes. Some flavours we've done are vodka cranberry to Corona and lime to even a Fireball. They're sometimes baked with the alcohol added into the fillings or icings. Then they all get a pipette of alcohol in the cupcake itself." And during these trying times, we all deserve to indulge a little, she adds. "As much as things are going back to normal, we're still not there. There's a lot of animosity in society in general. A lot of people were set back because of COVID and that's not going to change over night," she says. "Especially as parents, we do so much for our kids and others. We also need to take care of ourselves and our own mental health. There's nothing wrong with saying, 'I deserve this.' It's OK to do something for yourself too." Sweet C Bakery's owner Cori Poon Photos by Darcy Finley

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