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Spring 2022

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A SUPPLEMENT TO THE WINNIPEG FREE PRESS SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2022 15 Jacqueline Kent C ontact with underground utilities can be deadly. When starting yard work this spring remember that buried services can be a danger when doing any renovation or landscape projects that involve shovels or post-hole augers hitting the ground. There is often uncertainty regarding the location of underground services, as they may have been in place for many years. "Homeowners often ask how deep they can dig without getting utility locates," Robert Morrison, co-chair of the Manitoba Common Ground Alliance, says. "Our answer is always the same -- for any project, get locates before you start digging." Nothing brings a spring yard project to a halt faster than the discovery of a gas pipe, electrical line, or water pipe that nobody knew was there. Because underground utilities may have been in place on your property for many years, it is easy for them to become out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. Forgetting about underground utilities when carrying out your spring plans that include any digging, can be fatal. The first and foremost step that you need to take before starting any spring projects that involve digging is to get in touch with the utility owners, to locate underground utilities -- no matter the size of the project. "Homeowners who are looking to begin landscaping and outdoor renovation projects are required to visit 'Click Before You Dig Manitoba' to locate any underground utilities," Morrison stresses. "Not only does this process protect your and your home, but also prevents damage to buried infrastructure and the loss of essential services." Contacting Click Before You Dig Manitoba is completely free, as well as the locate itself. Once a request is made, utility owners will visit the site to mark (locate) underground cables or pipes in the area of the planned dig. They will mark the buried infrastructure and send you records which will help you understand what is buried in your property and so you are able to avoid that when you begin your renovation or landscaping project. Learn more about Click Before You Dig Manitoba and how simple it is to request a locate. To arrange a locate, visit Click Before You Dig Manitoba at Before your spring yard project begins – CLICK before you dig!

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