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S P A C E S | 17 2. SHARK ION TRI-BRUSH ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER You are worthy of time-saving cleaning tech. Those of you who need one less task on your to- do list, you know who you are. It's also a time saver for people with sensitivities who would be vacuuming all the time. Now, instead of having to find time to vacuum, you just have to remember to empty it at the end of a session. The Shark ION has a high customer rating at, despite being one of the lower priced robot vacuums available in Canada. 5. COMPRESSION GLOVES They may not be wired themselves, but compression gloves are a quality-of-life improvement to your existing technology. Fingerless compression gloves will keep your hands warm but let you use touchscreens. The compression will help your muscles last longer through intense typing or gaming sessions. Also known as tensor gloves or crafting gloves, you can get them at any big box store for $10-$30. 3. LOGITECH K600 TV WIRELESS TOUCH KEYBOARD If you've been controlling your TV with a tiny remote, then you know how slow it is to type into search bars with an on-screen pointer. Why not get the K600 already? It's such a reliable and compatible TV keyboard that Logitech keeps making it available year after year. With the trackpad and full-sized keyboard, you'll finally be able type and move the cursor comfortably on your TV. 4. TOBBIE THE TRAVELLING ROBOT Tobbie is a family addition that you won't need to pick up after. He works for all age groups. Younger kids can spend quality time with adults building him together. Older kids and adults can enjoy building him themselves. Once you bring him to life, he will walk around with his motion sensor. You can set him to either follow you around like a duckling or explore your home by himself. Cute! 2 3 4 5

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