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May 2014

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garden Home 2014 & 02 - After A long winter, the sight of green grAss is enough to mAke Anyone jump for joy. The sight of the lawnmower? Not so much. Luckily for your lawn, local experts provide care packages that include spring cleanup, weekly maintenance and eco-friendly weed-control options. They also offer free advice. "If you take the proper steps in maintaining a healthy lawn, you'll reduce weed-control consumption. A lot of people don't realize that," says Nutri-Lawn's Dana Kapusta. Green Blade Lawn Care owner Tim Muys says a spring power raking is vital to giving that healthy lawn a head start. "It's going to dig out way more than you can by hand, and it's important to get all of that dead material out of there," Muys says. "What's critical is that a power raking is going to help everything you do for the rest of the season go that much further. If you leave that dead thatch in there, it's going to hamper everything you do for the rest of the year." The next step is to aerate your lawn while the ground is still saturated from melting snow. "Aeration opens the pores of the lawn, reduces compaction and allows the fertilizer to penetrate deeper to the roots," he says. "Because the lawn is saturated, the aeration ends up being more effective. It can go deeper and get nice cores out. If you do it later in the summer when it's hot and dry, the ground is really hard. You can't perform a proper aeration under those conditions." roll in the green expert tips for maintaining a healthy lawn BY JENNIFER McFEE for the free press 204-477-5296 www.nutrilawn.com PLATINUM PLUS PROGRAM INCLUDES: Season Long Fertilizer Season Long Weed Control Spring Aeration and Overseeding Contact us today! winnipeg@nutrilawn.com A+ Winnipeg's Natural Weed Control Specialist SAVE OVER $ 125 NOW. MORE THAN EVER. ®

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