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May 2014

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Manitoba aerospace Week May 26 - 30, 2014 19 Where vision takes flight � ������������������� GLACIERpioneeredgasturbineicingcertificationtestinginManitobain2010. Today,GLACIERisoneofthe world'smostadvancedicingcloudsimulationsystems. Throughon-goinginvestmentsinthefacility,GLACIER willcontinuetobeaworldleaderintheicingcertificationfield. WeareproudlylocatedinThompson, Manitobawhoseuniqueweatherconditionsprovideunequaledcoldweathertestandevaluationopportunities. MDSAeroTestoperatesthe GLACIERfacilityonbehalfof Rolls-RoyceandPratt&Whitney. Throughitsmanypartners, includingEnviroTRECandNRC, MDSAeroTestiscommittedto supportingResearch& Developmentprogramsthat promotethegrowthofaerospace inManitoba. TheGlobalAerospaceCentrefor IcingandEnvironmentalResearch (GLACIER)isajointventure betweenRolls-RoyceandPratt& Whitney,andinpartnershipwith EnviroTREC,theNational ResearchCouncilofCanada (NRC),andMDSAeroSupport. For the Free Press t he expression "what goes around comes around" certainly applies in the case of Competitive Edge Strategic Development (CESD) Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council (MAHRC). Over the past three years, CESD Services collaborated with DNAagile Ltd., UK, which helps U.K. companies keep pace in the competitive aerospace and defence industry. The intention was to transfer that knowledge to Manitoba. "We learned how leading companies in the U.K. develop and deploy robust methods of strategic planning and deployment, problem solving, and continuous improvement when those systems were put in place at Manitoba small to medium sized enterprises," says Wendell Wiebe, executive director of MAHRC. "These systems and improvements have made a significant impact on the companies that have participated in the Competitive Edge Program. We've seen some stellar results." At the end of last year, the circle came around. "Our resources based in Manitoba were asked to transfer this knowledge back to a U.K. organization. We did, with great success," reports Wiebe. Over several visits in 2013 and 2014, John Kliewer, a CESD Services organization development specialist, spent nearly four months assisting Gardner Aerospace, a major Tier 1 manufacturer for the aerospace and defence industry in the U.K. As one of the top 100 global aerospace and defence organizations, Gardner employs more than 1,500 people in 12 factories located in four countries. "Gardner was already a great organization. Their challenge was: Could they become better?" says Kliewer. The Gardner management team identified day-to-day operational problems that prevented them from progressing in their overall strategy. They realized they had to gain control and accountability for their performance to continue to operate at a world-class level. Kliewer says the approach was to develop a self-sustaining, world-class business plan deployment capability. It was his job to implement this at Gardner. The challenge was to ensure the knowledge transfer was extremely effective so it could be a self-sufficient, sustainable system for the future. "Although I would only be a phone call away for questions, the geographic distance between the two countries meant total understanding of how these systems worked and how they impact the organization was needed." Gardner was very pleased with the Manitoba support. "It helped us focus the management team on key measures of performance and the need to rapidly solve day-to-day problems," says Karl Lee, managing director of Gardner Aerospace's plant in Hull, U.K. There was more appreciation from the Gardner Aerospace plant in Derby, U.K. John Rooney, director of operations, had high praise for Kliewer's work, saying, "His ability to train, coach and support team leaders and managers during the implementation ensured it was quick, robust, and continues to deliver sustainable results." Gardner Aerospace now has a system to unlock its potential. For CESD Services, the focus continues to be on supporting Canadian organizations in their journey to world class. "CESD Services stands for Competitive Edge Strategic Development," summarizes Wendell Wiebe. "We strive to give companies solutions that help them develop strategically." coMpetitiVe edge coMes full circle

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