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The Manitoba Home Builders' Association is celebrating 75 years.

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A1 Nutrition n u t r i t i o n s u p p l e m e n t s r e t a i l e r BUSINESS EXCELLENCE Awarding Not all green coffee bean products are created equal. If you want to truly amp up your weight loss results, look for Simply Trim. Simply Trim contains premium green coffee bean extract with the added benefit of Fraxipure. Fraxipure can: Only Simply Trim combines these two weight loss powerhouse ingredients in one formula. It is a premium product that delivers premium results! • Lower blood sugar • Increase fat burning • Decrease the formation of new fat cells • Help prevent fatty liver disease GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT! Simply the best "I am half way through my first bottle of Simply Trim and I am so happy with the results that I had to write you. I have lost 5 pounds so far and eliminated my overwhelming cravings for carbs! I finally feel like I can lose this weight for good." - Liz. September 19, 2013. Testimonial $ 3 Your Next Purchase Of Simply Trim At A1 Nutrition (Grant Park Shopping Centre)* RECEivE $ 3 .00 OFF Dear Retailer: Renew Life Canada Inc. will reimburse the full value of this coupon on the purchase of the product specified. Other applications may constitute fraud. Applications for reimbursement received after 6 months from the expiry date, as indicated below, will not be accepted. Failure to send in, on request, that sufficient stock was purchased in the previous 90 days to cover the coupons will void coupons. Coupons submitted become the property of Renew Life Canada Inc. Reimbursement will be made only to the retail distributor who redeemed the coupon. For redemption, mail to: Renew Life Canada • 8 - 1273 North Service Road East • Oakville, ON • L6H 1A7. * Limit one coupon per purchase. Coupon expires November 30th, 2013. Signature: Ask for your FREE copy of "Weight Loss As Easy As 1 2 3 !" to learn the 3 secrets to lasting weight loss! A1 nuTriTiOn gOeS exTrA Mile TO eduCATe CuSTOMerS by hoLLi monCriEFF – For thE winnipEg FrEE prEss F or Felly Grieve, running a business is about so much than making a sale. The owner of A1 Nutrition truly wants to help her customers feel better. "I firmly believe in (the benefits of ) supplements. If my husband and I don't take them, we don't feel as well," she said. "We really want to help people, and that's a sincere, heartfelt conviction. It's not just about money and our customers know that." The health store has won the Consumer's Choice Award in their category for five years in a row. Grieve says it's an indicator that she's doing the right thing. "We're passionate about what we're doing – not just me, but all my staff as well. It's something we believe in with all our hearts," she said. Part of her success stems from building strong relationships with sales reps, who then go the extra mile to educate her customers and provide free product samples. One of those reps is Melanie Smith, who sells for Renew Life Canada. Renew Life manufactures cleansing and digestive health products. "A1 has really good customer service – they go above and beyond," Smith said. "The girls here are very helpful and they really get to know their customers. They're wonderful people – they would give the shirts off their backs to help you." Smith had a career in the banking industry until her sister lost the sight in one of her eyes about 20 years ago. "This was long before we had naturopaths in Winnipeg, so we went to see one in the States. The naturopath found her digestive system wasn't working – she was full of fungus from undigested red meat," said Smith. "The naturopath was able to get rid of the fungus and my sister's eyesight came back." That experience led her to work for Renew Life, a job she feels passionately about. "Once you heal the digestive system, you get everything inside working properly. You can heal the outside, but it's important to heal the inside, too," she said. "I'm so fortunate I got into a digestive company. I feel blessed to be in this industry. These products have healing properties." Before Grieve bought A1 Nutrition, she was one of its best customers. Her husband suggested she buy the store shortly before the owner called and offered to sell it to her. Three years ago, A1 Nutrition moved to a new location in the Grant Park mall across from McNally Robinson. "I believe it's the best move we ever could have made. We've doubled our sales," said Grieve. "We have a lot of customers visit us from the U.S. and other provinces because they see our store in the mall. Before the move, the only people who would come to our store were the customers who already knew we were there." A1 Nutrition has a second location in the Fort Richmond Mall on Pembina Highway, which is owned by Grieve's sister. For more information on A1 Nutrition and the products they carry, please see their website at

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