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16 Manitoba Food Processors Association We are Twitterpated @blackprlcoffee Our Retail store offers a unique selection of Freshly Roasted Coffees 460 Dufferin Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba Exquisite Coffees Expertly Roasted Coffee / Amber Ale BBQ Marinade As a coffee roasting company, Black Pearl Coffee is always looking for interesting things to do with coffee. Hot brew, Iced, cold brew, ice cubes (yummy in a cola if that's your gig), in chocolate, roasted for micro-breweries creating unique and hearty quaffs, in marinades, as rubs and, tastes yet to be discover. This is a savory marinade recipe made with two of our favorite beverages Coffee and Beer. COFFEE: Selection is easy; one of the many exquisite coffees expertly roasted by Black Pearl Coffee. Brew fresh black coffee ahead of time, allow to cool. Avoid instant coffee when possible. BEER: Buy Manitoba Made. Lighter beers work but don't usually add a lot of flavor, dark beers can overpower other flavours, for this marinade, amber is the answer. Sampling ahead of time may enhance the marinade building experience. -1 Large Zip Lock Bag -1-2 cloves Crushed Garlic -1 c Black Coffee -1/4 tsp Dry mustard -1 c Amber Ale beer -Sprig / tsp Sage -3 tbsp Olive Oil -Co rse black pepper to Taste - Orange zest Options: Have fun getting mixed up (not related to above mentioned sampling) -2-4 tbsp Brown sugar -¼ C finely minced onions -1 tbsp Soy Sauce - we don't usually salt a marinade but soy sauce is a fair alternative In the bag (again, not related to above mentioned sampling), combine and mix all ingredients, except for the beer. Add your meat of choice and pour over the fresh Beer. All in, reduce the air, seal and turn over a few times. Marinade for two hours if possible, occasionally rotate the bag to make sure everything gets a taste. The bagged meat and marinade is upwardly mobile when making guest appearances at other grills. There will be no worries hoping your forgotten marinade dish gets re-gifted at the next BBQ. Grill and enjoy. When the meat is ready for the grill... now use the marinade. In a sauce pan bring the marinade to a boil, turn down, simmer and reduce. This new found concoction will make a great grill glaze or add to grilled onions for a tasty smother or side. �ift Cards Fairly Traded OC�A Organic �easonal ��otics �lack�earlCoffee�Ca a

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