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y o u r g u i d e T o e v e r y T h i n g s u m m e r museums & galleries - unique experiences - kid adventures - trips & events YOURGROWING GARDENTRADITION 2901St.Mary'sRoad(Just2kmpastthePerimeter) Monday-Friday9-8pm,Saturday&Sunday9-5pm LikeusonFacebook | 204-255-7353 •LandscapeDesign&Installation •LargestselectionofPerennialsinWinnipeg •Anadventureintocolorfulgardendisplays s u P P L e m e n T T o T h e W i n n i P e g F r e e P r e s s | s A T u r d A y , j u n e 2 8 , 2 0 1 4

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