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MUSICLESSONSOFFEREDCITY-WIDE ANDATFORTGARRYCAMPUS AllLevels, Instrumental&Vocal EnrichmentProgram PianoPedagogy PerformanceOpportunities MusicalTheatre EarlyChildhoodMusic FeldenkraisLessons MusicTheory&History ASKABOUTOURMASTERCLASS PROGRAM! 204.474.9797 Prep Studies By Donna Minkus for the Free Press If a child's report card shows he or she is having difficulty functioning at a particular grade level, it may be time to look into a program that focuses on self learning or a learning centre that specializes in one-one-one tutoring. While they take a different approach, both can help a child to acquire the skills to reach a grade-appropriate level and achieve success. T he Kumon Method, an after school math and reading program for preschool through grade 12 students, helps children of all academic levels to learn how to learn on their own, according to Desiree Latimer, who owns the River Heights Kumon Math & Reading Centre. Latimer became interested in the Kumon Method while employed as a high school pre-calculus math teacher, and decided to purchase a Kumon franchise 24 years ago. Latimer now employs 15 assistants at her learning centre at 12-1700 Corydon Ave. With the Kumon math program, a child can start with simple counting and go all the way to University calculus. The Kumon reading program can take a child from beginning level phonics up to high school level reading, writing and literature, Latimer says. "Students come in at different levels within the same grade," she says. "An instructor will complete the initial evaluation, and then design a program that will help them improve their academic skills." The Kumon worksheets are key to the self-learning process, she states. "The worksheets provide examples of how to solve a problem, which help students to learn new concepts on their own. Each worksheet teaches a lesson that's one step more advanced than the lesson before. As students tackle and overcome new challenges, their confidence grows and they realize they can achieve more than they originally thought." Students attend one or two sessions a week at the Kumon Centre, where they complete daily assignments that take about 15-20 minutes per subject. They complete the other five to six assignments at home. "The assignments are marked and recorded by an assistant in class and the instructor communicates with the parents and provides progress reports," she says. "Achievement tests are written on class days, and they are only given when we think the student is capable of successfully completing the test," Latimer notes. "That gives them the confidence to continue learning new concepts." While assistants are there to provide guidance, students do their assignments quite independently, giving them confidence they can take to the classroom, she concludes. Partners for Learning focuses on one-on-one tutoring for students who require help with their learning skills. Students who attend Partners for Learning are assessed by a certified reading clinician, who is a specialist in the areas of learning and treatment of reading, writing and math difficulties, says Louise Carson, who owns Partners for Learning. The assessment determines current achievement levels and detects possible learning problems. The students then receive an individualized instructional plan, based on assessment results, Carson says. "A diagnostic assessment determines what level a student is at and why, and then we come up with a strategy to get them to where they need to be," she explains. "It's about understanding where along the learning continuum things have broken down for them, so we can develop the skills they need to close the gap." Partners for Learning has been in operation since 1988. Located at 13-1080 Waverley St., this educational support centre has 16 rooms and more than 25 certified teachers on staff. Carson is a certified reading clinician and has worked in education for over 30 years as a classroom teacher, private tutor, and as a consultant to classroom and resource teachers. As a reading clinician she has worked with both parents and schools by providing educational assessments and programming recommendations for high-needs learners. The program is designed to teach skills and strategies that can be transferred to the classroom. "We collaborate with schools so our efforts are consistent with the curriculum," she states. "Our instructional materials are designed to help them develop skills they can apply in their classroom." Summer clinics provide one-on-one instruction in reading and small group instruction in writing, Carson points out. "Each student still receives individual instruction in the writing class, but they also get to practise while others receive help." Held in August, the summer clinics include three weeks for reading and writing. Also offered are programs for math and study skills. Students receive instruction from the same teacher at each session. "If students aren't learning over the summer months, they will regress," she adds. "Our goal is to narrow the gap between what they know and what they need to know, so we want to keep the learning momentum going." Instruction is provided to students in Kindergarten through university, and is available in all subject areas. For more information on kumon call 204-488-8838 or email For more info about partners for learning, call 204-475-2199 or visit www. ❚ • Studies have shown tutored students achieve higher academic achievements non-tutored students, as measured on examinations • Tutoring can positively affect students' self-confidence • Students develop positive attitudes toward the subject in which they are tutored • Can help students overcome classroom anxiety where rewards are based on performance • Gains in self-confidence are made by at-risk students, who also show improvements in classroom behaviour and self-control — Source: Canadian Council on Learning 8 B a c k t o S c h o o l , M u S i c & D a n c e … a n D M o r e ! - S u p p l e M e n t t o t h e W i n n i p e g F r e e p r e S S - S at u r D ay, a u g u S t 15 , 2 0 15 Top: Students work at River Heights Kumon Math & Reading Centre. Kumon photo Right: Louise Carson from Partners for Learning. Darcy Finley photo YamahaCelebrationRebate! 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