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#NNW2016 MAY 9-15 NATIONAL NURSING WEEK 2016 FORENSIC NURSING NURSE PRACTITIONER NURSING IN YOUTH CORRECTIONS NURSING EDUCATION NURSING IN PRACTICE AND POLICY * CANADIAN NURSES ASSOCIATION and the CNA logo are registered trademarks of the Canadian Nurses Association/Association des infi rmières et infi rmiers du Canada. IN CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL NURSING WEEK, the CLPNM would like to recognize the dedication and contribution LPPNs make to the health and wellness of all Manitobans. The CLPNM is the regulatory body that governs the practice of student practical nurses, graduate practical nurses, and licensed practical nurses in Manitoba. A S U P P L E M E N T T O T H E W I N N I P E G F R E E P R E S S | T H U R S D AY , M AY 5 , 2 0 1 6 | V I E W O N L I N E A T w i n n i p e g f r e e p r e s s . c o m / p u b l i c a t i o n s By Holli Moncrieff for the Free Press National Nursing Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the often- unsung heroes of health care. H eld each year during the week of Florence Nightingale's birthday on May 12, National Nursing Week gives us a chance to celebrate all the nurses who contribute so much to our health and wellbeing. "It's very important to celebrate all nurses for their contributions to our health," says Jennifer Breton, executive director of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba. "All nurses in Manitoba study from the same foundation of nursing knowledge." Nursing professionals in Manitoba include licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, and registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs). Nurses of each discipline can fill a number of different roles and work in a variety of settings in addition to hospitals. "RPNs provide care to those who have mental health issues," says Isabelle Jarrin, president of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba. "It builds on nursing — we have the knowledge and physical health experience with the mental health piece, so we're able to assess individuals in a holistic way." RPNs may work in long-term care, helping those suffering from dementia and delirium, either in personal-care homes or in the community. "Community mental health workers can work with individuals living in their homes who require assistance," she adds. "RPNs can be found in crisis response centres, performing assessments of individuals who may have been sexually assaulted. They also find work as psychiatric emergency nurses." RPNs often fill positions in non-mental health areas as well, such as hospital rehabilitation and geriatric units. The significant role nurses play in our health-care system has evolved at a rapid pace over the past few decades. "There's been a dramatic change over the years as we practice to our full skills. We're working in areas that previously weren't open to us," says Cheryl Giesel, president of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba, adding that operative recovery rooms and dialysis stations are two examples. "We care for our clients from birth to the end of life." Giesel works in the surgical ward of a hospital. "It's satisfying to see patients throughout their care. I really enjoy interacting with them. Some of the patients that you have really move you," she says. Registered nurses are also encouraged to expand the scope of their practice. "The RN practice has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the health-care system," says Pat Benjaminson, president of the Board for the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba. "It's really important to continue to encourage and support RNs in achieving the full scope of their practice. This helps increase access to health care, which increases the capacity to provide care, which is in the best interests of the public." According to Benjaminson, there are 13,502 RNs and 172 nurse practitioners currently working in Manitoba. "Manitobans receive excellent health care due in part to RNs and the work they do," she says. "They have a positive impact on the lives of Canadians every day. RNs are in roles that impact the health outcomes of patients." Compassion and a willingness to work as part of a team are among the vital assets all nurses bring to their roles in every discipline. "RPNs have a genuine concern for others. It's really about building a therapeutic relationship," Jarrin says. "They do their work through interaction with their patients. You can't take someone's blood pressure to learn if he has depression." The teamwork aspect is an important piece, as nurses usually work in conjunction with other health-care professionals. "We work as part of a health-care team, with patient safety being our utmost concern," says Giesel. Too often we forget to show our appreciation to the nurses who are always there when we need them. If a nurse has helped you, a family member or a friend, it's never too late to send a card or to simply say thank you. National Nursing Week is the perfect time. ✚ CELEBRATE THE CAREGIVERS NURSES ARE WITH YOU AT EVERY STAGE OF LIFE A CHAMPION AT NORWEST CO-OP Caring. Compassionate. Inspiring. These are just a few of the many attributes that Renata Cook embodies. Renata has worked at NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre for 27 years. She started working as a primary care nurse at NorWest in 1989 and is now the Primary Care Coordinator. She has made an incredible difference in many people's lives and has expanded the supports available at NorWest. Renata has an incredible ability to see where the needs are in the community and has advocated for funding, development and expansion of the team and programs. Her eyes light up when you talk about quality and patient safety and she is a champion in these areas. Her dedication, commitment, reputation, years of experience, and knowledge are why Renata is so well known and respected in the nursing profession and in the community. Renata instills motivation in our primary care team to consistently ensure client-centered care. She is both dedicated and innovative in her approach to all she does. She has been instrumental in supporting some of our harder-to-reach populations. She was instrumental in bringing a much-needed primary care clinic to Gilbert Park, and it continues to grow under Renata's leadership. She is a true champion for all community members, speaking up for those who are vulnerable and isolated. Laura Horodecki Project Manager NorWest Co-op Community Health NURSING MOMENTS National Nursing Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the moments that make nursing extraordinary. Of course, most nursing moments aren't celebrated. They happen quietly, when a patient comes out of surgery. They happen when a long-term care resident sits on a bed for the first time in a new, unfamiliar place. They happen when someone gets news that changes everything. They happen all the time. Here are just a few: * CANADIAN NURSES ASSOCIATION and the CNA logo are registered trademarks of the Canadian Nurses Association/Association des infi rmières et infi rmiers du Canada. Photos: Teckles Photograpy Inc. (L-R: 1-3, 5); John Gardiner, Vancouver Island Health Authority (4) NATIONAL NURSING WEEK 2016 MAY 9-15, 2016 #NNW2016 Making a difference: Renata Cook. Continued >>

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