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As the regulator for registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (RN(NP)s), we're here to keep you safe. We ensure registered nurses practise safely, competently and ethically by: HERE ARE SOME OF THE WAYS WE DO OUR WORK: n We have a registration process to ensure applicants are qualified and competent n We set the standards of nursing practice that all RNs must meet every day n We approve registered nursing education programs n We receive and handle complaints about registered nursing practice and take appropriate action with fairness and transparency You can confirm the registration status of an RN or RN(NP) anytime using our online real-time verification system. Visit and click on the Nurse Check logo. WILDLY IMPORTANT GOALS We establish "wildly important goals" related to our strategic priorities and set to achieve them by the end of the year. Our complete scorecard tracks our performance and is available on our website throughout the year to provide an update for RNs and the public. COMPLAINTS PROCESS On the rare occasion where standards are compromised, we take action. We strive to do this with fairness and objectivity, to protect the public and maintain your confidence in the RN profession. In 2016, the College received 76 complaints. ONGOING LEARNING All RNs in Manitoba are required to complete ongoing education each year and document these activities through the continuing competence program. Participating in this program is one of the ways RNs demonstrate to the public their commitment to providing the best care possible. 30 % 35 and under (4,185) 47 % 36 – 55 (6,493) 23 % Over 55 (3,191) AGE GENDER 9 % Male (1,265) 91 % Female (12,604) REGISTRANTS AS OF DEC. 31, 2016 RNs 13,634 RN(NP)s 187 Graduate Nurses 48 Graduate Nurse Practitioners 0 TOTAL 13,869 Taking action when the standards are not met Setting education, registration and practice standards Supporting RNs to meet these standards CONTACT US 890 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg MB R3M 2M8 P: 204-774-3477 TF: 1-800-665-2027 F: 204-775-6052 E: TOGETHER WITH RNs WE PROTECT THE PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY: IT'S IN ALL WE DO MISSION: To protect the public through quality registered nursing regulation. 2016 IN REVIEW WE EXIST TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC WE'RE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU Nurse Check Online verification system

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