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S U P P L E M E N T T O T H E W I N N I P E G F R E E P R E S S | S A T U R D A Y , J U N E 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 E6 "People cannot work in their fields, they cannot harvest their produce, they cannot think about tomorrow because they are always on the run," says Pugeni, MCC's hu- manitarian relief coordinator. He says people leave so quickly that crops are left rotting in the fields. Drought has made the situa- tion worse. The UN reserves the designation of famine for dire situations, using cri- teria on food shortages, malnutrition and death. Pugeni says conditions in Unity State surpass those levels. "There is a high number of people who are going to bed hungry. There's a high number of people who are malnourished," he says. "And mor- tality, the number of people dying, is higher than the UN threshold." In response to this crisis, the Can- adian government has announced it has created a Famine Relief Fund. For every $1 donated to MCC for famine relief, $1 will go into the government's fund for later distri- bution. Donations made by June 30 will be matched. While food insecurity is acute in Unity State, it's estimated that more than 40 per cent of South Sudan's population urgently needs assist- ance. More than a million children under five years are malnourished. In 2014, Nyadnol Tut fled the con- flict with her young daughter, while pregnant with her second child. Her husband stayed behind. It took Tut six months to reach a refugee camp in Ethiopia. "On top of constantly worrying about my husband dying, my main problem here is to feed and clothe my children properly," she says. Tut receives MCC relief supplies, includ- ing canned meat. In South Sudan, MCC is provid- ing emergency food in the famine zone. Households in Unity State re- ceived a two month supply of sor- ghum (grain), beans, cooking oil and salt through MCC's local part- ner. The people who distributed the food are familiar with the needs of the community. "These are local people, South Sudanese helping each other," Pugeni says. MCC's emergency response focus- es on the most vulnerable: women, children and destitute households that have run out of options. In addition, MCC is using funds from our Canadian Foodgrains Bank ac- count to support a World Relief Can- ada project—centres will be set up to treat malnutrition in Unity Sate. Pugeni says ultimately only an end to the conflict will restore food secur- ity and a stable economy in South Sudan. In the meantime, people need help as they try to survive. "These are not the people in the bush holding a gun or fighting," Pugeni says. "These are civilians who are supposed to be protected during a war, but they are in fact the most affected." MCC WELCOMES DONATIONS IN SUPPORT FOR OUR RELIEF WORK IN SOUTH SUDAN. DONATIONS MADE BY JUNE 30 ARE ELIGIBLE TO BE MATCHED. GIVE TODAY AT MCCMB.CA/FAMINERELIEF OR BY CALLING (204)261-6381. Tel. 204-325-8910 349 Manitoba Rd. Winkler, MB A rdent delivers unique group benefit programs tailored to our clients' needs. Along with disability management, executive compensation strategies, plan member education, and individual retirement planning, Ardent facilitates coverage for unusual risks experienced by global employees working in a changing environment. Passionate and intensely devoted to our clients. We truly believe it is a privilege to earn our clients' business… each and every day. Bryan Grom – President (204) 943-5658 or (866) 943-5658 Independent Group Benefit and Retirement Consultants Proud supporter of Mennonite Central Committee and its people world-wide. Randy Douglas 135 A Haarsma Street, East St. Paul, MB R2E 0M8 Office: 204.663.2770 Mobile: 204.941.1878 Fax: 204.663.2939 Email: Brian P. Thiessen | David F. MacAngus 1586 Wall Street, Winnipeg MB R3E 2S4 Phone 204-942-6121 Over 60 Years of Quality & Service It's difficult to plan for tomorrow when you are running for your life today. Vurayayi Pugeni says that's the situation faced by many people in South Sudan, where people are fleeing from conflict. In Unity State, where the United Nations has declared a famine, the situation is especially critical. By Julie Bell In response to this crisis, the Canadian government has announced it has created a Famine Relief Fund. For every $1 donated to MCC for famine relief, $1 will go into the government's fund for later distribution. Donations made by June 30 will be matched. SUPPLIES REACH FAMINE ZONE as conflict in South Sudan continues NYACHOAT GATKEK, AGE 19, HOLDING HER SIX-MONTH-OLD DAUGHTER NYAGOA GATKAK, RECEIVED MCC CANNED MEAT AT THE KULE REFUGEE CAMP. "I USED TO LIVE A WONDERFUL LIFE," SHE SAYS. "WE HAD A BOUTIQUE AND A GROCERY STORE SO WE WERE ABLE TO PROVIDE ENOUGH FOR OUR CHILD AND SAVE FOR THE FUTURE... MY LIFE NOW IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT." (MCC Photo/Feleseta Kassaye) 204.255.1000 204.257.7214 P E F ENTERPRISES LTD. 95 SYMINGTON LANE • WINNIPEG, MB Proud to Support the important work of the Mennonite Central Committee Commercial & Residential Excavating & Hauling

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