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So it comes as no surprise that the local not-for- profit organization continues to earn accolades for its efforts. "We are the local, not-for-profit choice for comprehensive health coverage. We have been providing quality benefits to Manitobans for over 40 years," says Mark Neskar, Chair of the Manitoba Blue Cross Board of Directors. "I feel like what we're doing is working. I'm proud to represent an organization that ranks very high on employee satisfaction and happiness." Last month, Manitoba Blue Cross won five awards at the 2017 Manitoba Excellence in Customer Contact Awards, including the employee satisfaction award. These awards serve as yet another testament to the company's strong workplace culture, adds Neskar. "We take ongoing measures to evaluate what our employees need out of their workplace, recognizing that those needs will continue to evolve," he says. Last year, the company launched its total rewards committee, aimed at reviewing various components of employee satisfaction — including training and development, work-life balance, vacation and compensation. So far, it's proven to be a great resource for fine-tuning even more initiatives. "Since its inception, we have been able to gather invaluable feedback company-wide and have already begun to move forward with a number of incentives," Neskar says. With approximately 300 employees, Manitoba Blue Cross focuses on creating an environment that prioritizes workplace wellness, which remains an intrinsic part of what makes the company stand out as one of Manitoba's Top Employers. "Our building itself was designed with employee wellness in mind," Neskar says. "Our work stations, seating and lighting were all planned in consultation with an ergonomic and musculoskeletal expert." The forward-thinking company also offers work-life balance solutions for its employees, such as flexible hours, formal earned days off and compressed workweek options. "Employees can access the gym, yoga and fitness classes onsite and get healthy snacks at Blue Café, a cafeteria located in our staff lounge," Neskar explains. "We also offer career development oppor- tunities, competitive compensation, a company- matched pension plan and of course a superior benefits package — all of which play into a reward- ing work environment." All of these details aim to keep the workforce healthy, happy and functioning to the best of their abilities. "People spend such a significant amount of their lives at work. Enjoying that time is important," Neskar says. "The people at Manitoba Blue Cross make the company. We are fortunate to have a talented and hard-working team and it is essential to us that we offer a healthy, rewarding environment." BY JENNIFER MCFEE Manitoba Blue Cross continues to be an industry leader when it comes to promoting health and wellness — including for its own employees. MANITOBA BLUE CROSS EXCELS IN AREAS OF EMPLOYEE WELLNESS *Trademark of the CABCP †Trademark of the BCBSA Learn more about a career with us at Thankful to be recognized as one of Manitoba's top employers of 2018 15 FROM TOP: THE STAFF LOUNGE, WEIGHT ROOM AND A MEDITATION CLASS AT MANITOBA BLUE CROSS. PHOTOS BY DARCY FINLEY "Employees can access the gym, yoga and fitness classes onsite and get healthy snacks at Blue Café, a cafeteria located in our staff lounge."

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