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hr headquarters MEAN AT WORK BULLYING SAPS MORALE AND HURTS THE BOTTOM LINE By Pat St. Germain chools aren't the only institutions that need anti-bullying policies. They belong in offices too. S "These can include things like teasing, social exclusion, ridicule, having rumours spread about you. Some of the more common forms are slanderous rumours, ignoring someone's opinion at work — withholding information to make someone look bad." I.H. Asper School of Business associate professor Sandy Hershcovis, who has researched various forms of workplace aggression over the past 10 years, defines bullying as "repeated exposure to negative acts" from someone at work. Whether attacks are personal or jobrelated, research confirms they drag down morale and productivity. >> Workplace bullies aren't known for shaking down coworkers for their lunch money or tripping them in the hallway, but they still do a lot of damage. 20 | SUMMER 2013 'peg BIZ MBiz June 2013_final.indd Sec2:t 6/21/13 4:48:44 PM

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