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NORMAN ADVENTURERS ON THIS EIGHT-DAY TOUR EXPECT TO SEE BLACK BEARS, MOOSE, POLAR BEARS, BELUGA WHALES AND BISON INTO THE WILD MANITOBA'S FRONTIERS NORTH GOES ON SAFARI By Wendy King L et's play a game of word association. I say 'safari' and you say ... 'Manitoba?' It could happen now that Manitoba has a Big Five Safari of its own. Presented by Frontiers North Adventures, the safari takes travelers from the centre of the continent to the razor-sharp edge of the North at the shore of Hudson Bay to see Manitoba's big-five animals — the moose, the black bear, the bison, the beluga whale and our iconic polar bear. The first leg of the seven-night, eight-day journey from Winnipeg takes guests to the wilderness of Riding Mountain National Park. With its rolling hills and valleys, boreal forest, lakes and deep gorges of the Manitoba Escarpment, it's the home of black bear, bison and moose as well as hundreds of bird species, wolves and elk. The adventure continues north to the west coast of Hudson Bay, with its rugged tundra and vibrant marine ecosystems, home to the polar bear and the beluga whale, the singing "canary of the sea." Big Five marketing manager Tricia Schers describes the safari as a salute to Manitoba, inspired by the requests of travelers from places as diverse as California, Germany and Australia. "A few of the travel agents that we work with around the world were asking for the opportunity to experience Manitoba in the summertime and experience more than just Churchill, more than just the North. We had guests that were real wildlife enthusiasts from different parts of 8 MBiz June 2013 MBiz June 2013_final.indd 8 6/21/13 2:54:44 PM

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