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NORMAN NORMAN CHURCHILL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Once they reach Churchill, guests explore the tundra and watch for polar bears coming to shore from Hudson Bay. Beluga whale-watching is also on the agenda in the North. FLIN FLON & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Photos courtesy of Frontiers North Adventures GILLAM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE the world that really wanted to experience all that Manitoba had to offer." Timing is everything, and Schers says working around the beluga migration was key to choosing this year's travel dates, Aug. 5 - 12. "The river and ice coming off the bay tends to happen in early July, and we want to give enough time for all the ice to be gone and for the polar bears and the belugas to start moving into the area." As it happens, that time frame also allows for plenty of opportunities to see the southern wildlife, including the bison herd in their enclosure at Riding Mountain National Park. Along with hiking and exploring on foot, trekkers enjoy a Tundra Buggy excursion in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in search of the first polar bears of summer, at a time when the bears are just coming off the frozen Hudson Bay. Then it's into the water. "We spend time in Churchill doing beluga whale tours by Zodiac — and there's a larger boat as well, and guests have the option of snorkeling or kayaking with belugas as well, so if they really want to get up close and personal they can get right in the water with them," Schers says. It is cold in that water, but protective equipment is available in Churchill. "And we have wetsuits," Schers says. "Full wetsuits and life jackets and rain ponchos for the Zodiac." One of Canada's top three sustainable eco-tourism companies, Frontiers North is particular about its partnerships, so guests have the best possible experience — and one that is authentic to the local people, culture and history. That means regional cuisine that includes items like locally sourced elk, and experiences like dog-carting in Churchill. "They are seeing all this incredible wildlife, but they are also experiencing the culture and the history of the place where we're going. And those are the three main elements to a Frontiers North Adventure. There is the wildlife viewing, the cultural aspects and the history, so they really feel they will leave Manitoba with a sense of place. They will have experienced and understood what Manitoba is all about." www.frontiersnorth.com THE PAS & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN YOUR BACKPACK The Big Five Safari is just that — a safari. So you'll want your camera armed and ready for that perfect shot. While Churchill is a well-equipped town, you'll want to pack specialty items like extra batteries and memory cards. Manitoba's weather is changeable, and you should be changeable too, with an extra sweater and rain jacket for cool evenings and rainy days. If you have a bug jacket bring it along (although Frontiers North can provide you with one). The wind off Hudson Bay will keep the bugs down in Churchill but you should be prepared for them anyway. A hat and plenty of sunscreen are de rigeur, and you'll want good comfortable walking shoes for the walks around Riding Mountain National Park and the hikes on some of the rougher terrain up north. Your guide will tailor your hikes to the level of activity and challenge your group is prepared to do. THOMPSON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NEW & NOTEWORTHY >> Manitoba Chambers of Commerce president and CEO Chuck Davidson, board member Merv Gunter and officials from throughout Northern Manitoba met in Thompson in late May to officially launch the Chambers' Northern Economic Development Committee. The committee will identify challenges in the mining, forestry and tourism industries and work to find solutions. >> Thompson's first International Wolf & Carnivore conference was a howling success, drawing about 100 people from Canada, the U.S., Japan and Europe last October. More than 20 speakers covered topics ranging from research and conservation to Thompson's plan to develop a wolf economy. Thompson's Spirit Way Inc. has been invited to present at the 2013 International Wolf Symposium in Duluth, Minn. See www. thompsonspiritway.ca. >> The federal government has launched a program aimed at attracting medical professionals to work in northern communities. It offers Canada Student Loan forgiveness to doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners who choose to work in remote or rural communities. A doctor could receive up to $8,000 per year in loan forgiveness for five years, up to a maximum of $40,000. Nurses may receive up to $4,000 per year, up to a maximum of $20,000. See www.canlearn.ca. MBiz June 2013 9 MBiz June 2013_final.indd 9 6/21/13 2:54:50 PM

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