Your Guide to Investors Group Field

June 2013

A guide to the new home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Investors Group Field

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40 Your Guide to Investors Group Field LIFE-SAVING DEVICES AT THE READY To ensure crucial help for cardiac arrest victims, the new stadium is at the ready with 23 top-level defibrillators on hand throughout the facility. "We want fans to know that when they attend games or events at Investors Group Field, that we take their well-being very seriously," said Jim Bell, vice-president and chief operating officer for the Winnipeg Football Club. "While we hope the new defibrillators are never needed, all 23 are now located throughout the stadium." 'THEY'VE HELPED SAVE TWO LIVES SO FAR.' With provincial funding, the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba provided 1,000 free defibrillators throughout the province. Investors Group Field received 18 of these through this grant program. "With thousands of families attending Blue Bomber games, concerts and using the new Investors Group Field for community events," said Manitoba Health Minister, Theresa Oswald, "we want to ensure the stadium includes defibrillators to meet today's standards for public safety. Cardiac arrest can strike without warning and having a heart defibrillator nearby can mean the difference between life and death." In addition to on-site security staff, 22 trained professionals from St. John Ambulance are at every game to deal with medical situations and carry another five defibrillators in backpacks. The units were installed throughout the stadium by Canadian First Aid. Blue Bomber staff will be trained how to use them. In the past several years, the defibrillators have proven to be a necessary piece of medical equipment having been used three different times. 'I THINK OPENING NIGHT IS GOING TO BE REALLY WILD. WINNIPEG SPORTS FANS DESERVE A STADIUM LIKE THIS.' The Carriere family – mom Juanita, dad Sean, son Michael, 17, and daughters Madison, 15, and Mackenzie, 10 , were delighted after checking out the lower bowl of Investors Group Field, for the first time. "It's a vast improvement and I'm really excited – it looks beautiful," said Sean Carriere. "I think opening night is going to be really wild. Winnipeg sports fans deserve a stadium like this." The season ticket-holding family will sit together in the first row of a section in the south end-zone. "It's definitely an improvement," said Michael Carriere. "It's way bigger than it looks from the outside." "I'm going to miss the old stadium, but this is a heck of an upgrade," said Madison Carriere. "They've helped us save two lives so far," Bell said. Research indicates that defibrillators are most beneficial if used within three minutes of the start of a cardiac arrest. As a result, the defibrillators at Investors Group Field have been installed within three minutes from an access point. That way, anyone who witnesses a victim of cardiac arrest can find a defibrillator, grab the device and return to the victim within that crucial period. FAMILY FUN

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